Grief Wellness Center

Massage Therapy to Rest, Relax and Nourish

Grief is a whole person experience.  Our body, like our heart, tells us it’s been torn apart and has very special needs.  Our massage therapy sessions provide a unique respite for your body, mind, and soul.  It’s designed to regenerate strength amid the overwhelming emotional, mental and spiritual pain of loss.  Give yourself permission to experience relief with compassionate care and allow your body to heal with you.

When performed correctly, massage is a powerful intervention that will provide relief from bodily stress, anxiety, loneliness, and isolation that you face as you journey your path of grief and bereavement. Gentle massage, a listening presence, and deep relaxation in a calming environment are vital during this time of your life and will provide respite and strength for your body.

Bodywork in the Spirit of Hakomi

Discover an experiential, body-mind approach through your grief with bodywork in the spirit of Hakomi.  This approach invites you to meet what is arising within you and turn toward that which hinders your growth.  Recognize greater potential in your future, knowing grief waits on your welcome, not on time.

We increase our suffering through our attempts to avoid it. If we try to escape from grief, we often develop a sense of numbness in our bodies and in our life.

Hakomi is a mindfulness-based, somatic therapy. Mindfulness refers to a relaxed and gentle way of focusing your attention inward. Somatic therapy incorporates your body with a warm, therapeutic presence and professional guidance, offering you a safe and quiet space to go within and meet yourself on the inside. It is an invitation to simply meet what is arising within you and to turn towards what you often try to avoid.

Online or in-person sessions will guide you into the following results:

  • Discover new, internal resources to cope with your life’s challenges
  • Discard or adjust painful, distorted beliefs
  • Develop new patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that bring joy, fulfillment, and inner peace
  • Deepen your self-awareness while practicing self-compassion
  • Feel more grounded and centered with every breath you take
  • Experience a greater sense of worthiness and wholeness
  • Live your future with intention and purpose, and embody the new.

When we fully embrace our grief with our mind, body, and soul, we can then wake fully to our life!

Grief Companion Sessions

Deep listening, staying in the moment, creating a safe space, and honoring one’s soul are the pillars of grief companionship.  A grief companion walks along side of you with deep reverence, rather than viewing grief as a condition that needs to be fixed, while you patiently do the work grief requires. 

When we lose someone we love, we often feel scared, alone, shaken, anxious, and confused.  It takes a true commitment to heal our grief, and to heal our grief is to become whole again.  Healing through grief takes time and the support of others and sharing your journey with an experienced grief companion can be invaluable.

Our sessions provide you a safe space to give voice to your feelings, share your stories, and feel heard, seen and authentically supported.  Grief companioning is especially helpful for those experiencing a loss due to death, divorce, job change, diagnosis of advanced illness, anticipatory grief, caregiver grief or simply missing ourselves.

Grief Companion sessions are offered as a standalone service, either in person or online, and can be integrated with other body-centered bereavement services through The Grief Training Center of Wisconsin.

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