Grief Wellness Center

A compassionate, competent approach to grief and healing.

We help you navigate your grief in ways that are healthy and true to you.


Mental, emotional, and spiritual growth are hallmarks of the Grief Wellness Center while sharing community with others who also carry the weight of loss.

Unique, experiential, and insightful, participants discover their own, personal pathway through grief and healing.

"Excellent day! Started to accept my situation and see others with similar feelings as I have. Time very well spent."
Jaynee D.
Participant, Oct 2021
“We were lost - now we're found. Thank you so much!”
Marie D.
Participant, Dec 2021
“A deeply moving experience. I know when I left I wanted to be more of the person I discovered while I was there.”
Katherine G.
Participant, May 2018

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Grief Companion Sessions

A grief companion walks alongside you while you patiently do the work grief requires. 
Deep listening, authentic care, creating a safe space, and honoring one’s soul are the pillars of grief companionship. 

Healing through grief takes time, effort, and the support of others.  Sharing your journey with an experienced grief companion serves those needs.  Our sessions provide you a safe space to give voice to your feelings, share your stories, and feel heard, seen, and authentically supported while you grow to feel whole again.

We understand grief and we know grief.  A grief companion helps you identify personal opportunities and roadblocks to advance through healing in ways that are healthy and meaningful to you.  

Grief Companion sessions are offered in-person or online and can be integrated with other bereavement services through The Grief Wellness Center.

“I was given the safe space to be transparent and authentic. I felt heard without anyone trying to fix me. What a gift!”
MaryBelle M.
Participant, Dec 2020

Whole-Body Bereavement Services

Our bodies absorb tremendous burdens on our journey through grief.
Heal with your body through body-centered grief therapy while finding balance, fulfillment, and inner peace.

Therapeutic Body Massage

When performed correctly, massage is a powerful intervention providing relief from bodily stress, anxiety, loneliness, and isolation often felt while grieving a loss.  Gentle massage, a listening presence, and deep relaxation in our calming wellness center environment provide much-needed relief and strength for your body.

Bodywork in the Spirit of Hakomi

Deepen your healing experience with bodywork in the spirit of hakomi, a mindfulness-based somatic therapy.  This relaxed, gentle, body therapy incorporates a warm therapeutic presence with professional guidance to help you meet what is arising inside you and hindering your growth.

“I was looking for a way to release some of the grief that was weighing so heavily on me.  I had no idea that the work would be so much deeper.  I now feel my light shine like never before!”
Liesa H.
Client 2019

Your Team

The Center’s leaders and facilitators operate with aptitude and compassion, helping people transform through grief in their lives, relationships, and vocation.

Our team offers decades of experience, practicing and teaching how to grow through grief in ways that are unique, healthy, and purposeful.

They lead competently with heart-centered desire, offering a truly holistic approach, embracing the mind, body, and soul.

Program Director
Speaker and Program Facilitator
End Of Life Care Doula
“I have been amazed by their knowledge of grief and their support of the bereaved, and I have witnessed the many lives they have touched."
Jessica H.
Funeral Director
"Excellent facilitators guided by compassion and kindness. They delivered far beyond what I had in mind."
Lynda M., LCSW
Hospice Care, Social Worker

Our Location

We are located inside the 4 Rivers Center of Wellbeing, set along the tranquil shores of beautiful Lac Labelle, in Oconomowoc, WI.   (Adjacent to the Cafe LaBelle at Shorehaven’s Life’s Enrichment Center).
Cafe Labelle

Grief Training

Are you in a position to console and support the bereaved?

Learn to help them navigate their grief in ways that are healthy and true for them.